OpenPIMS - Patient Information Management System

OpenPIMS stands as the premier Patient Information Management System (PIMS) in the healthcare industry. Developed by Clinic Managers, Receptionists, and Clinicians, OpenPIMS is meticulously designed to address the diverse needs of healthcare professionals. Its strength lies in its ability to swiftly deliver content, ensuring efficient navigation and a seamless user experience.

OpenPIMS boasts a vibrant and passionate community of users who are committed to establishing it as the go-to PIMS for data-driven patient care. This robust system can be effortlessly customized to adapt to local requirements and seamlessly scales to connect with evolving healthcare environments.

With the invaluable support of leading clinics and hospitals, OpenPIMS continues to evolve, incorporating user feedback and industry best practices.

Join the OpenPIMS Community today and discover how this innovative solution can revolutionize the way you deliver patient care.

Distinct Advantages Over Competitors

OpenPIMS distinguishes itself from competitors in several key aspects, making it the preferred choice for healthcare professionals seeking a robust and tailored Patient Information Management System (PIMS).

Choose OpenPIMS as your preferred PIMS solution and experience the distinct advantages that set it apart from competitors. Benefit from its user-centric design, customization capabilities, extensive community support, scalability, and commitment to ongoing improvement.


OpenPIMS in Detail

Seamless Access to Your Medical Practice Management Software from Anywhere

Experience the freedom and flexibility of accessing your medical practice management software from any location with our cutting-edge solution. Whether you are at your clinic, working remotely, or on the go, our innovative software ensures seamless connectivity and easy management of your practice's operations.

Convenient Booking Options: Online, Phone, and In-Person Bookings Available 24/7

Our booking system is designed to provide you with seamless and accessible appointment scheduling options. With our flexible approach, clients can make appointments on their terms, choosing from online, phone, or in-person booking methods.

Collect Valuable Insights with Easy-to-Create Surveys and Polls in OpenPIMS

Gather essential feedback from patients and measure employee satisfaction effortlessly with OpenPIMS. Create surveys and polls seamlessly to collect valuable insights and improve your clinic's performance. Discover the versatility of survey creation in OpenPIMS.

OpenPIMS live reporting dashboard
Real-Time Clinic Monitoring

Stay informed about your clinic's performance with real-time live reporting. Monitor key metrics and make data-driven decisions with access to live data. Empower clinic managers with valuable insights for effective decision-making.

Enhance Patient Flow with Self Check-In

Improve patient flow and streamline the check-in process with self check-in. No need for a special device; a tablet is all you need. Experience the convenience of self check-in for seamless clinic operations.

Convenient Online Payments with OpenPIMS: Seamlessly Transact During Appointment Booking

Simplify payment processes with OpenPIMS. Enable secure online payments during the appointment booking process, providing convenience for your clients. Experience the ease and efficiency of online payments with OpenPIMS.

Simplify Patient Communication and Engagement with Our Patient Portal

Our patient portal revolutionizes the way patients interact with your healthcare practice. With our user-friendly and feature-rich patient portal, patients can conveniently access a range of services and resources, empowering them to take an active role in their healthcare journey.

Efficient Inventory Management with OpenPIMS: Accurate Stock Tracking Made Easy

Streamline your clinic's inventory management with OpenPIMS. Keep track of stock levels effortlessly as OpenPIMS automatically updates inventory, ensuring accuracy without any extra effort. Discover the convenience of efficient stock tracking for your clinic's goods.

Convenient Video Consultations: Schedule, Connect, and Securely Pay Online

Experience the ease of video consultations with OpenPIMS telemedicine platform. Schedule appointments effortlessly, connect with healthcare professionals through video calls, and conveniently make secure online payments. Embrace the future of virtual healthcare today!

Online Consent Forms for Patient Convenience

Simplify the GDPR consent process with our online consent forms. Patients can easily sign the GDPR consent form during their first appointment or receive automated consent forms from OpenPIMS before their initial visit. Ensure compliance with GDPR regulations seamlessly.

Reduce DNA Rates with Automated Appointment Reminders

Lower your DNA (Did Not Attend) rates with OpenPIMS. Our system automatically identifies clients who have missed appointments in the past, enabling you to proactively send reminders and reduce missed appointments. Streamline your clinic's operations and improve patient attendance with OpenPIMS.

Quick System Delivery

MDIT can provide an extremely quick turn around time on delivering OpenPIMS or developing new functionality.

Enhanced Security

Your data security is MDIT's top priority. We use the most modern encryption and methods for securing our servers. We perform penetration tests and take daily back ups.

No IT Infrastructure required

OpenPIMS is web based- no IT infrastructure costs. Just focus on your clients!

Accessible from any device

You can access OpenPIMS from any device and location, 24/7.

Organise and Manage your Appointments from Anywhere

OpenPIMS is web based and accessible from anywhere allowing remote working.

Automated appointment booking process

You can publish your appointment slots and give your clients the ability to book, cancel and reschedule their appointments online 24/7 without calling you.

Generate an invoice with a click of a button

Print locally or e-mail the invoice to the client with a click of a button.

Appointment Reminders

OpenPIMS sends automated appointment confirmation and reminder via e-mail and/or SMS reducing DNA rate.

Automatic updates

You receive automatic updates with new functionality.

24/7 Support

Our qualified technicians will support you 24/7 via e-mail or service desk portal or phone during business hours at no extra cost.

Dynamic Reports

You can run customized dynamic reports simply by choosing any field from the database. The report can be saved as a template in user's profile and can also be automated and sent via e-mail.

Interface with other systems

OpenPIMS can be interfaced with any other system through APIs.

Database dynamic search

Unique ID (NHS number, phone number or any other ID field) prevents from duplication of registration.

Live Demo & Free Trial

A live demo and a free 30 day trial will help you better understand OpenPIMS full potential and how it can boost your organization.


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